Sustainable AI

Since 2023 Sustainable AI has been fighting to protect mankind from the negative consequences of artificial intelligence. 

We are developing mechanisms to promote initiatives that safegard the presence of humans alongside AI responsibly. 


We do not aim to end Artificial Intelligence; we want to stop greed from decimating the presence of humans in paid positions. 

AI is here, and that is a good thing if used responsibly. There are no limits to the ways it may help people. Likewise, there are no limits for the greed of human beings. And, fundamentally, this is the reason we are creating our seal: AIR (artificial intelligence responsibility). To promote and motivate brands that care about our communities, not only about maximazing profit. 

Ai will prove to be a great asset in areas that humans can not perform as well. AI will help us in many fields: Medical, Mechanical, Aerospace, and the list goes on… 

Due to its incredibly fast technological advances It is not surprising that people fear for their jobs. 

AI will help us in many fields: Medical, Mechanical, Aerospace, and the list goes on… 

However, we must ensure that our future environment is one in which the coexistence of both Humans and Bots will not disrupt life as we know it.  


The significant and looming problem lies in a VERY human aspect of the 1%, the powerful few. 

It is called greed. And selfishness.

Yeah, so far, we have not seen much concern on their part when it comes to the less weatlhy and their income.

It seems to be each man for himself… 

What we are building is a set of rules that will allow and sustain a healthy partnership of brains and bots. 

In a socially responsible way. 

We have seen AI capabilities that could run factories without the need for one salary. Great if you OWN the factory. Terrible for EVERYBODY else.

We are a team of experts that are designing a set of rules that maintain the presence of humans in EVERY industry to remain as it is in 2013. In other words: only the companies that have basically the same number of employees today AND adopt AI will be certified.

So that you grandson will be able to make a living…


Voice your concern with this cotton T-shirt and protect human labor. Each purchase will generate funds for the Fight Agains Ai.